The Fundamental Futurist

Addressing the Key Challenges in Digital Transformation

Anil Somani

Chief Transformation Officer (West)

Digital Data Transformation in any organization is an ongoing journey. It is a process of evolution that needs to be addressed from multiple angles to reduce risk of failure and minimize resistance to change.

Most organizations today are grappling with a similar set of challenges – relevant skill shortage, undefined and ambiguous processes, and highly complex and inflexible legacy IT infrastructures. Although there’s a plethora of tools, technologies and methods available in the market, there is a need for organizations to identify business and technology partners who can highly contextualize and configure the end-to-end transformation process to help the organization get closer to the goals with speed and agility. Read more…

Building Lasting Transformation

A revelation by Raj Vattikuti

In my previous blog, I spoke of how transformation is not a revolution, but an evolutionary journey for enterprises. From my observations, I see that while organizations these days are able to articulate their transformation charter, they are still unclear about whether their people are ready for such a transformation. Is the organization culturally ready to embrace the transformation charter they have set for themselves? Do they have the conviction to stay with the transformation, however disruptive it may be and to see it through to the last mile?

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