The Fundamental Futurist

Digital Transformation is here for good

Get your ship ready to ride the tide

Jeff Fleischman

Chief Marketing Officer, Altimetrik

Digital transformation is changing how companies operate from the ground up – every part of the organization is impacted. Whether it is building new products or services, creating new customer experiences, or using data to create new marketing strategies technology is the enabler in how they are delivered. Technology has been a core component of business for decades and digital transformation is the latest chapter in its evolution. Although companies may experience some headwinds, digital transformation will have a lasting benefit on a company’s competitiveness and bottom-line results. Read more…

Addressing the Key Challenges in Digital Transformation

Anil Somani

Chief Transformation Officer (West)

Digital Data Transformation in any organization is an ongoing journey. It is a process of evolution that needs to be addressed from multiple angles to reduce risk of failure and minimize resistance to change.

Most organizations today are grappling with a similar set of challenges – relevant skill shortage, undefined and ambiguous processes, and highly complex and inflexible legacy IT infrastructures. Although there’s a plethora of tools, technologies and methods available in the market, there is a need for organizations to identify business and technology partners who can highly contextualize and configure the end-to-end transformation process to help the organization get closer to the goals with speed and agility. Read more…

Building Lasting Transformation

A revelation by Raj Vattikuti

In my previous blog, I spoke of how transformation is not a revolution, but an evolutionary journey for enterprises. From my observations, I see that while organizations these days are able to articulate their transformation charter, they are still unclear about whether their people are ready for such a transformation. Is the organization culturally ready to embrace the transformation charter they have set for themselves? Do they have the conviction to stay with the transformation, however disruptive it may be and to see it through to the last mile?

Read more…

An Introduction to Salesforce IOT

Unleash the power of IOT in your business! 

2018 has shown us the full potential of connected devices. Not only are people connected over the internet, but our gadgets, appliances and phones are all communicating with one another in some way. This opens up the space of IOT for deeper exploration and creates new opportunities in the space for all developers. Consumers have more power and data, and the convenience that smart devices bring is unmatched. Read more…

Microsoft’s investment in the AI space for businesses

Microsoft has been on a thought leadership bend over the last few years. AI has been on their radar for several years now, and they’ve been making bold moves in order to create new advancements in their existing B2B ecosystem. They’ve established long standing infrastructural capabilities over decades and are now enabling them to reach AI’s potential. Businesses working with Microsoft can have a dedicated partner that understands the impact that they can bring to industry collectively. Read more…