The Fundamental Futurist

The World Belongs to an Emerging Generation of “Futurists”

How you think is way more important than how you code

Technologists are our craftsmen of the future. They have a huge responsibility in shaping our future, as they are the enablers, the creators and the problem-solvers. Look at any company today. Every business is powered, driven and strengthened by technology. What is a Paypal, or a Visa, or Uber for that matter? Yes, these are companies providing services such as Payments or Transport. But at the core of the business, and the competitiveness that it commands, it is their technology which gives them the edge to create fantastic customer experiences, disrupt the game in their respective industries and thrive in the whole process. It is a bunch of algorithms that help millions of commuters, all over the world, get on to a shared, eco-friendly mode of transportation. Uber doesn’t sell a vehicle or a seat; it sells a technology platform!

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